Bowl of goodness with peanut butter sauce

This is a family favorite! It's also a great way to clean up your fridge and make sure no veggies go to waste as you can use any kind of vegetable combination that you like. As we each have our favorites, I like to cook the veggies separately so that every one can prepare their own bowl using only the veggies that they like. 

Ingredients (serves 6)

- 1 cup rice or quinoa, prepared according to the instructions on the packaging
- 1 eggplant, washed and diced
- 1 cauliflower, washed and cut into florets
- 300g mushrooms, washed and sliced
- 1 onion, sliced
- 1 pepper, cut into strips
- 1 block 450g extra firm tofu, rinsed, patted dry and cut into strips 
- 1 carrot, sliced thinly using a mandoline or a vegetable peeler
- a handful roasted peanuts, to garnish
- a handful mint leaves, chopped, to garnish
- red pepper flakes, to garnish
- about 6 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Peanut butter sauce
- 5 Tablespoons peanut butter
- 3-4 Tablespoons Tamari
- 1 Tablespoon sesame oil (optional)
- 2 Tablespoons maple syrup/honey
- 1 teaspoon sriracha (or more, to taste)
- 1 Tablespoon rice vinegar
- 1 teaspoon grated ginger
- 1 garlic clove, mashed

  Place the diced eggplant on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, toss with 3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and roast at 400F for about 20 minutes or until tender. On a separate baking sheet lined with parchment paper, arrange the cauliflower florets, drizzle with a little bit of olive oil and roast alongside the eggplant until fork tender. Prepare the mushrooms the same way as the eggplant and cauliflower. 
  In a non stick pan, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil, and sauté the onions for about 4 minutes or until softened. Add the pepper, tofu strips and carrots and continue cooking, stirring often, until peppers have softened and tofu starts forming a crust.
  To prepare the sauce, mix the peanut butter with the tamari, then add in the maple syrup or honey, sriracha and sesame oil and mix well. Add the rice vinegar, garlic and ginger and mix until you obtain a homogenous consistency.
  In individual bowls, arrange a scoop of rice (or quinoa), some cauliflower, eggplant, mushrooms and tofu stir-fry. Drizzle a couple of tablespoons of the peanut butter sauce, add some peanuts, mint  and red pepper flakes and enjoy!

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