Roasted tomatoes

This is so heavenly, the most delicious way I've ever eaten tomatoes! So simple yet with so much flavor, it is perfection onto itself! Just get a good, rustic bread to soak up those amazing juices and you will enjoy something quite spectacular in taste.

Tomatoes are abundant this time of the year, and it's the perfect moment to prepare them this way. I like to fill out as many baking pans as I can fit in the oven (without overcrowding the tomatoes though) as I find you cannot have too many roasted tomatoes! They tend to quickly disappear from the pan! I also keep some to prepare an equally delicious pasta sauce (recipe here). Choose small to medium tomatoes for this recipe as they will take less time to be ready. The fun part about this recipe is that prep time is so short, the oven is doing all the work so you can sit back and relax, perhaps sip a glass of wine while dinner is getting ready!

- tomatoes, sliced in half
- 4 garlic cloves, smashed with the flat of the knife
- a few sprigs fresh basil and oregano (or other herbs of your choice)
- 2 Tablespoons good quality balsamic vinegar
- 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
- salt and pepper

Pour 1 Tablespoon olive oil in the baking pan then place the tomatoes, cut side down. Add the smashed garlic, the herbs, drizzle with the balsamic vinegar and the remaining olive oil. Season with salt and pepper then toss gently. Bake at 350 F for 1 hour or more, until tomatoes have shriveled. If the tomatoes are larger, turn them during the last 5-10 minutes of cooking. The larger the tomatoes, the longer it will take. Serve warm or cold, you can't go wrong!

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