Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands... when I first heard the name, I thought it sounded so magical, fairy tale-like, it must be some far away land that one only dreams of ever being so lucky as to visit it. Little did I know that this place that was tickling my imagination, was actually not far away from home.

As we were driving home from Niagara Falls, we decided to escape the heavy highway traffic that seemed to be forming ahead, and impulsively took the first exit towards the unknown. It all seemed so exciting and adventurous, wondering where the road would take us. We continued getting further and further from the known path of the highway, instinctively being drawn towards the large expanse of water we call Lake Ontario.  The peace, tranquility and lusciousness of greenery enveloped us and made us feel as though we had entered a parallel universe,  completely unrelated to the dullness of the highway we had just left behind. We soon arrived by the water and fell in love with the dreamy scenery. We pulled over and took a few deep breaths, as if trying to absorb the magic of the place. It was a part of us now, so we could leave at peace, knowing that it would call us back to it. In a few days' time.

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