Quinoa sushi

     Being vegan is not about adding new restrictions upon oneself; for me, it's all about expanding, exploring new territories, breaking the molds of rigid thought and habits. It actually opens up a whole new world rich in color and flavor and brings about an exciting freedom you didn't think was possible. You start to discover that everything IS possible, just follow your intuition! 
     These vegan quinoa sushi rolls are simply delicious, light and flavorful. You can add any combination of veggies that sounds good to you. Today I chose sweet potato-portabella mushroom and cucumber-avocado. 

    Ingredients (makes 4 sushi rolls)

- 4 nori sheets
- 1 cup quinoa, boiled according to instructions on packaging
- 1 teaspoon sugar 
- 1 Tablespoon rice vinegar
- 1 sweet potato (roasted/steamed/boiled)
- 1 portabella mushroom, brushed with sesame oil and grilled
- 1/2 English cucumber, cut in half vertically, than each half into quarters
- 1/2 avocado, cut in large vertical slices
- sesame seeds, lightely toasted (in the pan or the oven)
- wasabi (optional)
- bamboo rolling mat placed inside a plastic bag (for easy clean-up)

    Start by mixing the boiled quinoa with the rice vinegar in which you have previously dissolved the sugar. Mix well and let cool to room temperature. Lay the rolling mat flat on your working surface, place a nori sheet on top, cover with a layer of quinoa leaving a 2 cm edge empty at the far end. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over the quinoa. Add your veggies. On the empty edge, add a few dots of wasabi then spread them with your finger to cover all the empty surface, this will hold the sushi together (alternately, wet the empty edge with your finger). Start rolling the sushi, applying pressure, to make sure it holds together. Place on a plate or a cutting board and, using a very sharp wet knife, cut roll in half, then continue cutting into equal pieces. Keep your knife clean and wet in between each cut. I use a wet tea towel to clean the knife. Clean your mat before making another roll. Serve with wasabi, pickled ginger, tamari sauce or any other sushi sauce of your choice. En-joy!


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